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Moraine Lake Shuttle: (1st June - 9th October)

DeparturesSunrise ShuttlePrice
Mountaineer Lodge6:30am8:00am9:30am11:00am1:00pm2:30pm4:00pmN/AStarting at $15
HI Lake Louise Alpine Centre (Meet in car park)6:35am8:05am9:35am11:05am1:05pm2:35pm4:05pmN/A
Post Hotel6:40am8:10am9:40am11:10am1:10pm2:40pm4:10pmN/A
Paradise Bungalows6:45am8:15am9:45am11:15am1:15pm2:45pm4:15pmN/A
Deer Lodge6:50am8:20am9:50am11:20am1:20pm2:50pm4:20pmN/A
Estimated Time of Arrival at Moraine Lake7:15am8:45am10:15am11:45am1:45pm3:15pm4:45pm6:00pm
Return Times from Moraine Lake7:15am8:45am10:15am11:45am1:45pm3:15pm4:45pm6:00pm
*Buses will depart on times stated*

Please note parking at Mountaineer Lodge, Post Hotel, The HI Lake Louise Alpine Centre, Paradise Bungalows & Deer Lodge is reserved for their guests only. Clients are not permitted to park anywhere in the community of Lake Louise unless they are a hotel guest or they have an alternative method of getting to Lake Louise Village (i.e. public transportation through ROAM transit).

Ride Luxury. Ride Safe.

All vehicles are equipped with safety equipment including emergency blankets in winter, fire extinguisher and roadside emergency kit. Twice annual Commercial Vehicle inspections which are Alberta driving Authority sanctioned with in-house driver training. The driving team consists of experienced drivers and local guides who will be on the scheduled tours.

Direct Route Shuttle

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